4 Keys to Creating a Matthew List

By Tiffany Jothen
After three years in our home, my husband and I know two people in our neighborhood. And not well. It convicts us to get out of our own little box.
My Hope Canada has encouraged us to build relationships.
For us, that means:

  • having people over for dinner
  • planning movie nights
  • carpooling
  • fixing friends’ computers
  • encouraging them in tough times
  • giving small gifts of thanks for dog sitting
  • giving pumpkin bread to our neighbors at Christmas

If you’re like me when praying for opportunities to share your faith, it’s easy to believe your prayer could happen but probably won’t. My Hope Canada reminds me that it can and does. As Luke 1:37 says, “Nothing is impossible with God.” Nothing.
Translation: The God who created the world, calms storms and keeps people alive in deserts and fire pits can surely give me opportunities to share my faith!
My Hope Canada shows me how to do that by following the example of the Apostle Matthew, who invited people into his home to meet Jesus (Matthew 9:9–10). Like Matthew, I know many people who could be transformed by Christ’s message of hope. I put their names on a list to pray for them and have seen wonderful things happen.
If you haven’t already done so, ask God who needs to be on your Matthew list. Then:

  1. Make your list.
  2. Pray regularly for the people on your list.
  3. BELIEVE God will open doors to share your faith with them.
  4. Watch God work!

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