5 Ways to Connect with Neighbors this Spring

Spring is a busy and exciting time of year -not just because it’s time to store away the bulky winter clothes, but because there are signs of new life at every corner. It’s the perfect visual reminder of what hope in Jesus Christ will do for a dry, weary soul. It’s also the perfect opportunity to think outside the box to build relationships with your neighbors and acquaintances.
Here are 5 great relationship-building opportunities this spring:
Get Outside. Get to know the neighbors as you work on your lawn or in your garden. Offering to help, asking for advice, sharing gardening tips – all of these are wonderful ice-breakers.
Birth of new baby. It seems a surge of new babies are born each spring. The birth of a baby also happens to be a time when parents who don’t yet have a personal relationship with Christ will be most in awe of the miracle of birth and the fact there must be something more to this crazy thing called life.
Sporting events. Spring equals baseball, t-ball, and soccer – meaning many moms and dads will be parked on the sideline bleachers. It’s the perfect opportunity to put down the iPhone or book and make a new friend.
Graduations. May is graduation month for many colleges, which in turn brings families together. It is also a time to send off a fresh, young adult into the world whose whole life is ahead of them.  Be available to pray with a graduate or family during this exciting season of change.
Mother’s Day. Mothers Day is this Sunday, May 12. What a great time to show love!  Many mothers being honored on this day may not have a relationship with Jesus. It may also be a really hard day for someone you know who has lost their mother. What an opportunity to share love!
Have we made thinking outside the box a little easier? All of these are great opportunities to build relationships as a part of My Hope Canada with Billy GrahamPerhaps you’ve thought of others. You may not be able to maximize these opportunities at any other time of the year so have fun with it! And, let us know how it goes. We’d love to hear from you.