Awakening in the Amazon

To truly understand the impact of My Hope with Billy Graham it helps to take a look back a few years – to My Hope Brazil, 2008. On a recent trip to the Amazon, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association video crew was able to capture some fascinating stories of the long lasting impact of the project. (link opens on US My Hope with Billy Graham website)
This video is the story of Elvis, one of the over 340,000 people who made decisions for Christ during the My Hope project in Brazil. The footage documents the transformation that took place in Elvis’s life and the domino effect it had on his small Amazonian village.
This story has really inspired us and we know it will inspire you. Of course, it all started when someone invited Elvis to view the My Hope broadcast. YOU could be that catalyst of change in the lives of those around you. After all, the need of the human heart for God’s love, forgiveness, and salvation through Jesus Christ is the same here as it is across the globe.
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