Bucket List, Matthew List

By Tiffany Jothen

For years, I’ve had Ireland on my bucket list. Finally, last month, I slapped a picture of Ireland on a plastic container and put in $15. I’m going to make this happen.
Just like my Ireland fund, I think sharing my faith is a great idea, but someimes I’m too tired, busy or nervous to invest in it.
Then My Hope Canada came along.
An easy way to tell people about Christ? And I don’t have to do it alone? Sign me up! But wait, what if it doesn’t work?
Last fall, I made a different kind of list. I thought of 20 people who don’t have a relationship with Christ and wrote their names on my Matthew list as a reminder to pray for them. Then things started to happen.
My former editor, for example, is a sweet man who’s an atheist. Before putting his name on paper, we hadn’t talked in a year. He’s not great at answering email and I forgot to send a Christmas card, so one day in January, I prayed: “Lord, show me how to reach out to him.” I’m a writer, so he emailed the next day to ask about freelancing. This month, I start a weekly religion feature – that he will read.
Another couple on my list says they’re agnostic. Last month, I posted a picture from The Billy Graham Library on Facebook which began a conversation how they would like to visit. The Library includes a tour that focuses on the Gospel Billy Graham has so passionately preached. We’re planning a trip this spring.
Since praying for the people on my list – for open hearts, the chance to talk about Christ, for me to set a good example – I’ve talked to most of them, either intentionally or unexpectedly, about faith. Maybe it’s a discussion about someone’s aversion to church. Or maybe it’s a tipsy friend questioning God’s love at a New Year’s party. These aren’t all “Christ died for you” conversations, but they are a chance to see where people stand, and to give them a glimpse of the God who loves, comforts, saves and transforms!
If you haven’t made a Matthew list, sign up today.  Then watch Him work.