Divine Appointments in Orlando

Just this week I was in Orlando attending an annual denominational conference. Throughout the conference I was able to speak with dozens of pastors about evangelism in their church. I shared the details of how My Hope with Billy Graham seeks to mobilize churches to get involved with personal evangelism. After explaining the project, one pastor said that is exactly what he had been praying for!  Praise the Lord!
However the most encouraging moment was a conversation I had with two pastors from Brazil, one from the city of Fortaleza in the north east, and one from Rio de Janeiro. Once they saw that I worked with My Hope with Billy Graham, they immediately lit up. They said that right now, they have people active in their church who came to the Lord after watching the My Hope program in Brazil in 2008! I can’t describe how much that encourages me.  My wife and I were among the staff that lived in Brazil for over a year to help organize the My Hope Brazil project. It was an amazing gift to hear firsthand that new believers from My Hope are still in the church, and to see the look of gratitude on this pastor’s face for the work we were able to do. I look forward to hearing similar stories from our country in the months and years to come! It all starts by getting involved.
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