Extend Irresistible Invitations

By Garry Poole
Without a doubt, inviting people who are not-yet-Christians to your My Hope viewing party or church event is tough business. The very act of extending an invitation to someone puts you in the vulnerable position of facing rejection. But, at the appropriate time, invitations must be made; they’re worth the risk—no one will ever come with you without them. It’s as simple as that!
Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you reach out and extend invitations:
Earn the right to invite. Develop an authentic friendship first! The deeper your relationship, the greater the chances your friend will accept your invitation.
Never say “No” for the other person. We tend to pre-determine who will and will not accept. But in so doing, we rule out people who would have accepted our invitation.
Ask face to face. This communicates a level of sincerity and importance not conveyed through other means. But, when possible, also give them a printed invitation. This will serve as a reminder – and point them to further information.
Be warm and friendly. An upbeat, enthusiastic approach is important, but back off if your friend seems uninterested.
Be specific. Communicate exactly what it is you are inviting your friend to attend. Never pull a bait and switch—promising one thing but deliver something different. Be clear about what they can expect if they accept your invitation.
Ask for a yes/no response. Ask for a decision one way or the other—without rushing the process or being pushy.
Be patient—never give up.  Take the risk and make the ask. The potential outcome is well worth it!
The My Hope outreach is just a few weeks away. Set a date to show The Cross or another My Hope program and invite people God has put on your heart today!