For Church Leaders


Local churches are the focus of My Hope with Billy Graham. This outreach exists to strengthen the local church by preparing pastors across the country to train their members to pray for and share Christ with lost people around them. Thousands of trained Christians then use the media programs to share the Gospel with the people in their local communities and build up the local church.

Church Benefits

Participating pastors and churches around the world have seen God bless them in powerful ways through this outreach.

  • All believers—regardless of age, gender, social status, or experience—can serve as Matthews.
  • Believers will receive training to help them better know what they believe, deepen their daily walk with God, and share their faith with others.
  • Your congregation will develop a rich and deep prayer life.
  • Your church will be blessed with new Christians after the outreach.
  • You will receive special resources to help you follow up with these new believers.

Church Involvement

Here’s how your church can get started:

  • Pray: Lead your church to begin praying for the people they know who don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Teach: Begin focusing the church’s teaching on evangelism and the need for Christians to build closer relationships with friends, family, and neighbors in their community.