From Tequila to the Truth

By Frank King
My Hope with Billy Graham makes an impact across Canada
Imelda Fergel has taken many calls during her three years serving with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada’s telephone ministry team. But never one like this.
“He was drinking tequila while talking to me,” said Imelda, one of 180 people at call centers in Calgary and Winnipeg during the Nov. 7-9 TV broadcasts of BGEAC’s My Hope Canada With Billy Graham programs.
“I told him, ‘God prompted you to make this call,’” Imelda said.
The caller, moved by Billy Graham’s powerful Gospel message in The Cross, listened as Imelda spoke the words of John 14:6 to him:
I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (HCSB).
The man, whose name was Billy, responded by declaring he was ready to commit his life to Christ. He knelt down and prayed with Imelda and then, to her amazement, asked her to stay on the phone and listen while he poured his tequila down the sink drain.
“There is hope in this seemingly hopeless society,” an elated Imelda said after the call ended. “When Billy was speaking tonight, I was ready to cry.”
Between Nov. 7 and 9, more than a million Canadians heard the Gospel proclaimed while watching My Hope TV broadcasts, online programs, or DVDs. Randy Wood, just like Billy, was another of those individuals.
Randy dedicated his life to Christ when he was 15 years old. But he had significant self-esteem issues and began taking illegal drugs to deal with his feelings of inadequacy.
Eventually, at 40, the Peterborough, Ontario resident was able to stop most of the drugs, but he couldn’t quit smoking marijuana. Then he saw a My Hope program on TV.
“I had no knowledge of Billy Graham other than having heard his name in the past, so out of curiosity, I thought I’d check out his message,” Randy said.
“By the end of the program, I was uncontrollably crying like a baby on my knees praying the prayer that I had prayed so long ago. My entire body felt tingly and I knew without a shred of doubt that Christ’s hand was on me.”
Powered by his rediscovered faith, Randy stopped smoking marijuana and now says:
“I have been trying to stay on track each day through daily prayer and Bible reading, and I can’t begin to describe all of the blessings that have happened to me since this time! I have been able to live with myself and know that Jesus loves me, and I no longer feel the self-hatred that plagued my life for years!”
Please pray for individuals like Randy and Billy who have come to a new faith in Jesus Christ.
In the coming months, please also lift up the ministry of My Hope with Billy Graham in 2014—because our work isn’t done. Millions more still desperately need the Gospel.
Through continuing evangelism training, outreach events, and the power of intercession, our prayer is that countless more will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and place their hope in Him.