Heart of the Home

One of the significant themes of My Hope with Billy Graham is opening your own home to share the love of Jesus Christ with others. That’s why Christians all across the country are being equipped to use their home and testimony to share the Gospel.  So how can you be prepared for this unique form of hospitality evangelism?
A three decade old book, Open Heart Open Home*, by Karen Mains, offers valuable perspective for anyone setting the stage for company in their home, whether or not you believe it to be your God-given gift. Karen writes:
I think, the thing that is the most critical to do, is to take time to prepare my heart, (more than my table,) and pray for those who are coming!  I need to practice the set-the-timer-prayer… in other words, as I am getting ready for visitors, no matter what is done or not done, I set a deadline, and when that “buzzer” goes off, (whether real or in my head) I stop, calm my heart, and focus on praying for those who will cross the threshold of my door!  I know my attitude will reflect on my face.  When I open that door and greet my guests will they see that I am harried and self focused or at peace and ready to minister to their needs?
The other thing I am mindful of is “embarrassment”.  The self consciousness of not having the nicest home and things. Although the Lord has blessed us above what I have ever imagined, I am still sometimes nervous when people come to visit that I know have a really nice expensive home and furnishings. But you know the Lord calls us to share the blessings He has given us, and our home is a blessing we need to be thankful for! No matter how humble the home, or simple the food, if it is filled with the peace and love of the Lord, it is a beautiful refuge that people will want to return to again and again!”
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* Open Heart Open Home, By Karen Mains, D.C. Cook Publishing Company, Jul 1, 1976