Here I am, Send … the Person in the Cube Next to Me

The office is still.
A man takes a few minutes to have a quiet moment before his busy day begins. He opens his Bible and begins praying,
“Lord, what are you calling me to do today?” 
His mind wanders to the people who will soon fill the office space. Do they know about Jesus? He wants to share with them…
Wait. Urgency turns to hesitancy.
What do I say? What will they think. How will they respond?”
He tries to shake the burden. It’s not working. God is answering his prayer.
Panic sets in.
He remembers with relief: the man who works in the next cubicle has a relationship with Jesus! Even better…his cube mate definitely just showed up for work. He is the man for the job.
Thank you for answering my prayer! Lord, here I am. Send the person in the cubicle next to me.”
While funny and maybe a little dramatic, does it sound familiar?
Or, maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom thinking, “Lord, here I am send … my neighbor.”
Or, as Moses said in Exodus 4:13, “”Lord send someone else.”

  1. Starting today, pray that the Lord will fill you with His confidence so that your immediate reaction will become “Lord here I am, send ME.” He is able to fill words and deeds with His power. The starting point is willingness.
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