Hospitality and the Great Commission

By Joe Mott

All across the country as we share about My Hope with Billy Graham, we are hearing confirmation that NOW is the time for this outreach. We’re seeing that God is working in his people, preparing them, encouraging them, equipping them, and challenging them toward relationship evangelism, which is the very heartbeat of this ministry.

Recently I read a blog by David Mathis from Desiring God that asked the question, “What is the key to evangelism in the 21st century?” The answer is something that our culture has not set as a high priority: hospitality.
Mathis writes, “The most strategic turf on which to engage the unbelieving with the good news of Jesus may be the turf of our own homes…Don’t ever underestimate the power of your living room as a launching pad for new life and hope and ministry and mission!”
You can prepare to be a Matthew for My Hope with Billy Graham. God will give you opportunities to strengthen your relationship with the people in your life who don’t have a relationship with Christ. Invite them over for dinner. Spend time with them. Go to special events with them, celebrate birthdays with them. Pray for them daily. Then, next November 2013, you’ll be able to ask if you can share a video with them about the reason for the Hope that you have.
It’s exciting to see in David Mathis’ blog that God is giving his people the same message, through many different messengers—let’s get back to the basics!