How to Pray for Your “Matthew List”

When it comes to praying for those in your life who don’t know Christ, do you ever find yourself in a prayer “rut?” Does it ever feel like you’ve prayed the same thing over and over and don’t know what else you should pray?
This prayer, by Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie, is an excellent example of how you could break out of the rut as you are looking for ways to reach out with the hope of Christ.
Out of gratitude and praise for Your forgiveness of me, I want to pray for the people I love.
Lord, before it’s too late, open their hearts to Your love. Now in this time of intimate conversation with You, show me how I can be part of Your pursuit of them. Enable me to know what to be and say, when and how I am to incarnate Your love by intervening with comfort or confrontation.
I confess that I don’t know how to pray for what is best for people. Guide my thinking so I can word my intercessory prayers and ask for what You want for people about whom I am concerned. You never give up on people; may I never lose hope in what You can do to help, change, or guide them.
Thank You, Father, for showing me a love that knows no limits.
Have you made your “Matthew List?” Are you praying for them every day? My Hope Canada’s culmination on Billy Graham’s 95th birthday is almost here.  Now is the time to pray and reach out!
Make this prayer your daily appeal to God and see what He will do. Document how He answers so you can look back at it in years to come!