Making Back to School Count for Eternity

Summer has once again passed and the streets are buzzing with yellow buses and school traffic. Sadness of another carefree summer ending intermingles with excitement about a new year ahead filled with classes, friends and routine. No matter your age, the nostalgia of the 1st day of school is unforgettable.
Question: How can Back to School relate to making an impact for eternity?
Answer: Back to School is the perfect opportunity to build relationships and share the Gospel!

3 ways to embrace Back to School using My Hope Canada with Billy Graham:

1. Get to know new friends.
Whether you are a parent or a student, you’ll meet new people during the Back to School season. As you meet new classmates, parents and families, pray the Lord will show individuals especially in need of a witness for Him and provide opportunities for you to build relationships with them.
2. Host an event.
If it is a challenge getting to know people during the regular school routine, host a back to school cookout or get together with classmates and their families at a local venue to create an environment for friendships to grow.
3. Get involved.
Extracurricular clubs and sports, along with parents’ groups, all kick off around Back to School time. Plug in and meet new people!
Two months remain until the big My Hope Canada culmination in November. You have just enough time to meet new people, pray for them to come to know Christ and invite them to watch the My Hope Canada program during the first week of November.
Make Back to School more than a fleeting moment of nostalgia. Make it count for eternity.

Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example for other believers in your speech, behavior, love, faithfulness, and purity. I Timothy 4:12