My Hope Project Coming to North America

Nearly 100 pastors and leaders from denominations and Christian organizations met April 24 at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to consider participating in a bold evangelistic initiative to culminate in November 2013.

My Hope With Billy Graham is an extension of a ministry that since 2001 has seen some 10.6 million people in 57 countries make decisions for Jesus Christ. The project is scheduled to coincide with Billy Graham’s 95th birthday on Nov. 7, 2013.
In My Hope, Christians receive the same training that Crusade counselors receive. They pray for and build relationships with unsaved people, just as in Crusade preparation. But instead of inviting friends to a stadium, Christians invite them to their home for a meal and an evangelistic program with a message from Billy Graham.
Franklin Graham presented the plan at the April 24 meeting. He emphasized the need for the project to be bathed in prayer, as well as to have the participation of thousands of churches across North America. And he pointed out that this project is much more than just airing a television program.
“It’s one-on-one evangelism, it’s personal evangelism, it’s small group evangelism, but just on a large scale,” Franklin said.
It gives Christians an opportunity and a tool. Some might avoid sharing their faith because they don’t know how to explain it, or they fear being asked questions they can’t answer. With My Hope, they can simply invite those they’ve prayed for to come and hear the Gospel from Billy Graham. After the program ends, they can briefly share their own testimony and ask who would like to receive Christ.
Leaders at the meeting responded enthusiastically.
My Hope is an exciting new approach that depends on friendships and natural networks, and that resonates very well with my constituency,” said Willard Metzger, executive director of the Mennonite Church Canada. It has the potential to be far-reaching; it could take place in every Christian home across Canada.”
Paul Cedar, chairman and CEO of the Mission America Coalition, remarked: “I think it’s an incredible idea, a God idea. And it is so consistent with what we see God doing across this nation on so many fronts. We want to see people loved into the Kingdom, so we are looking at a simple lifestyle of prayer, care, share. So I’m thrilled that God is raising up this initiative.”
Evangelist Ron Hutchraft added: “This is life or death stuff. This is a rescue mission. The people around us have no hope of eternity. They have a life without meaning and an eternity that is unthinkable without Christ. My Hope is going to move the rescue work of Jesus to where it always should have been—out of the hands of the pastors and evangelists and into the hands of the everyday believer.”