My Hope Stories

“Thank you for the copy of Value of a Soul DVD. So moving. I have already watched it and have a person in mind to pass it onto. I always find the Decision magazine and the My Hope videos so challenging and encouraging. They are great resources to pass along to struggling friends or unsaved friends. Praise God for the lives touched through this ministry.” -Lanna Sigfusson, Weekes, SK
“We are experiencing from 2 to 12 salvations every Sunday (as a result of My Hope).  Many of our people watched the programs and really enjoyed the message. Thanks to Billy Graham for bringing to the forefront the need to reach the lost and hurting and providing such a powerful tool.” – Ralph Molyneaux, Victory Church, Lethbridge, AB

“Since September, we have shown Defining Moments or The Cross, all or in part 18 times, (at men’s ministry, youth, junior and senior social events, ESL, worship services, and in people’s homes). I had two ESL classes where nearly everyone prayed with me out loud to receive Christ—and  there were 25-28 in each class. We are working very hard to do follow up; this is where the real work is. We have been so blessed by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada and all your help and encouragement along the way.” – Kevin Cavanagh, Cedar Grove Baptist Church, Surrey, B.C.

“As a pastoral staff we watched the Defining Moments program and thought it was so well done that we had to show it to our congregation. It was a powerful, spiritual moment in the life of our church as we watched the testimonies and Billy Graham’s preaching, and then gave people a chance to fill out a response card. The next week was fantastic following up on those who had checked off a box indicating a commitment to Christ. Thank you for the quality of these programs and clarity of the message!” – Rod Heppell, Sardis Fellowship Baptist, Chilliwack. B.C.

“Whether directly or indirectly, this My Hope emphasis on reaching out to others outside the Family of God has made an impact. I think the indirect impact is huge, though difficult to trace.
(After showing one of the My Hope videos) five people were baptized on Nov. 24 and another four on Dec. 15. In total, so far, this will be 28 people this year baptized.  Though 28 is not really a lot, for us, this is more than in any other year in the last 20 years! – Jim Gordon, Elora Road Christian Fellowship, Guelph, ON

A 62-year-old man in Quebec’s Laurentian region recommitted his life to Christ after watching the Defining Moments video at Église Évangélique de Blainville. He showed Defining Moments to his brother, who is dying of leukemia, and his brother dedicated his life to Christ as well – having been deeply affected by the video testimony from a man who went through a serious bout of cancer and relied on his faith in Christ throughout the ordeal .

“My wife and I invited a number of neighbors, friends, and co-workers to a showing of the My Hope Defining Moments program in our home. On the day of the gathering, we experienced a bad snowstorm which caused us to wonder who would venture out. One friend, a former neighbor, still came.  We had a great evening visiting, listening to his challenges, watching the video, sharing our stories, listening to his response and then inviting him to receive Christ. He was definitely ready and prayed together with us and gave his life to the Lord. I have been following up with him, gave him a Bible and he came to church and is meeting other guys from our church. I plan to show him the other My Hope videos as well.   Thank you for the awesome tool of My Hope which brought about this opportunity!” – Keith Klippenstein, Territorial Drive Alliance Church, North Battleford, SK

“Our church is small but passionate about friends and family coming to Christ.  We dedicated one Sunday to illustrate how to be a Matthew.  It was a time of fellowship, at which we showed one of the My Hope videos and the pastor gave his testimony. The folks were re-enspired in the love of Christ and the power of the Gospel.  One man re-dedicated his life to Christ.  A few took the My Hope DVD to share with their family.  Some have family who live in remote areas of Canada and they will send them the DVD.  Others are going to show the DVD to their family when they visit them.  Thank you soooo much for inviting us to be a part of this powerful opportunity in Christ.”Carol Wassell, Evangel Assembly, Sussex, NB

“We trained more than 30 people using the Matthew material. And being involved in My Hope has put evangelism back on the front burner for this church.  Thank you for inviting us to be involved…. it has been very good for Trinity Church.  We do rejoice with one person giving her life to follow Jesus; we are following up with her and will ensure that she puts down roots in the church.  Two rededications are also a blessing. – Vicars Hodge, Trinity Anglican Church, Sarnia, ON.