My Hope Training Ramps Up Nationwide

My Hope with Billy Graham, a continent-wide outreach in November 2013, is coming to a city near you as pastor trainings for what may be Mr. Graham’s final call to North America are happening nationwide.
“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” — Matthew 28:19
The Great Commission doesn’t mince words.
In Matthew 28:19, the command is clear — “Go and make disciples.”
And at the core of My Hope with Billy Graham — an evangelistic event across the U.S. and Canada in November — the mission is likewise as clear:
“Our job is to point people to Jesus,” said Jim Wood, mobilization coordinator for My Hope with Billy Graham.
Wood expounds on that bullet point: “Our job is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the context of a credible witness.”
That “job” is a challenge to every believer — every “credible witness” — across the U.S. and Canada to reach people for Christ.
Every city. Every neighborhood.
“The need for the Gospel remains in every generation,” Wood said. “There is no other solution for anyone on the planet.”
But a lot must happen between now and November 2013 for My Hope with Billy Graham to be fully effective.
Training up the church is perhaps the biggest challenge and over the next few months, the My Hope with Billy Graham team will be crossing the U.S. and Canada to help train and equip pastors and other church leaders.
After these trainings, pastors and other church leaders will then equip the members of their congregations to be “Matthews.”
Just as Matthew invited his friends over to meet Jesus in the New Testament, a “Matthew” host will invite friends, neighbors and family members to their homes to watch a unique 30-minute Gospel presentation, featuring culturally relevant music, testimony and a Gospel message by Billy Graham.
My Hope with Billy Graham culminates the week of Mr. Graham’s 95th birthday — Nov. 7, 2013.