People already coming to Christ through My Hope with Billy Graham

With more than 20,000 churches participating in My Hope with Billy Graham and more coming on-board daily, we are receiving incredible updates about what is happening across North America.
Praise the Lord for the amazing things He is doing:

  • After using the My Hope with Billy Graham strategy to pray for opportunities to reach out to the nearby Rancheria Mono Indians, Pastors at Hillside Baptist Church in North Folk, California have seen a remarkable breakthrough. Through the unexpected donation of several large appliances to the take to the Mono reservation, the pastors built relationships with the Mono people who eventually allowed them to minister on their land! The Mono haven’t allowed a church to minister on their land in 60 years. Several Mono families are now coming to church and two children have given their lives to Christ.  One Mono family is signed up to be a Matthew home and the pastors are praying for another family to sign up soon.
  • Camp Arrowwood in Sevierville, Tennessee counted a total of 21 decisions for Christ after showing the My Hope program, Defining Moments, during their 5 weeks of camp this summer.
  • Northside Memorial Baptist Church in Sumter, South Carolina, modeled their Vacation Bible School (VBS) after the My Hope with Billy Graham relationship evangelism strategy by asking church members to pray for those they wanted to invite. 32 people made decisions for Christ as a result of the VBS. The church will continue praying for their friends, family and neighbors as they prepare for My Hope with Billy Graham.

Continued support through prayer is still greatly needed. Please pray for:

  • The many scheduled My Hope with Billy Graham meetings and training events over the next two months. Pray that God would speak to people as they sit in these meetings and they would be motivated to participate and to tell everyone they know about how they too can take part.
  • The more than 20,000 pastors and church leaders who are mobilizing Matthews in their churches. Pray that their words would be led by the Holy Spirit as they explain My Hope with Billy Graham and that the congregation would volunteer to be Matthews.

We appreciate your willingness to join in on our enthusiasm about My Hope with Billy Graham and praying for all that is still to come. There is still time left to get your church involved! If you haven’t already, talk to your Pastor about it. They can sign up here.
If you are a church leader, be sure to share this movement with your congregation! You can learn more about getting your church involved and request free materials on our website.