Strength in Training

Question: What’s the difference between…
…a frightened passenger on their first airplane flight and the pilot?
…a couch potato and a triathlon competitor?
…a person that just accepted Jesus and a Bible teacher?
Out of guesses?
The pilot is confident and not fearful because he is well-trained on the instruments that guide him safely to his destination.
The triathlon competitor is physically strong and is intentional about having a fit and healthy, non-sedentary lifestyle.
The Bible teacher’s faith is mature through consistent prayer, Bible Study, Scripture reading and time alone with the Lord.
Did these three people gain strength and confidence by remaining in their comfort zone and being just fine with a complacent life? No, they gained strength through training.
Personal Application: My Hope Canada is a great opportunity for you! It’s an open door for you to:

  • Be intentional
  • Get trained
  • Be confident about sharing Jesus with people that need Him
  • Increase your strength to step out of your comfort level and build new relationships

Are you ready? It’s not too late! Sign up for free online training today.
Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Ephesians 6:10, NIV