The NEED: Just Be Real

In highlighting THE NEED of My Hope with Billy Graham, BGEA’s RANSOM young adult ministry is full of great REAL LIFE examples.
It takes one brief glimpse at the individual stories on RANSOM to see the reality of the stories behind everyday faces, including yours and mine, to understand the NEED for sharing Christ through My Hope with Billy Graham.

Which is part of your life story?
…eating disorders
…porn addiction
…premarital sex
…pain killers
…financial problems
…job loss

Let’s get real. It’s no secret. All of us have either been through, are experiencing or have felt the effects of one (or many) “life situations” from this list. If we could sit together and discuss the ins and outs of our specific “situation,” we would all most likely echo the reality that we:

  1. felt (feel) alone.
  2. were (are) embarrassed or ashamed about this “thing” in our life

Here’s where HOPE can’t be lost!
Jesus died on the cross to redeem us from that sin, that guilt, that shame, that despair, that hopelessness, ALL of this H A R D thing called life.
Before we were even born, our story was written. Even if our story includes things we’re not proud of, we must SHARE how Jesus has redeemed and loved us in the reality of our humanity to reach those that are where we were. Nothing is lost with Him. God has chosen to use flawed vessels like us to spread His Good News. He can use our willingness to be real to meet another’s NEED of HOPE!