The Power of a Child's Prayers

We are told throughout the Bible that those who come to the Lord in prayer will have their prayers answered. As adults, we often lose sight of this simple directive, “Ask, and it will be given to you.” (Matthew 7:7)
A recent email from an early adopter of My Hope with Billy Graham encourages incorporating the children in our homes and churches in prayer. She writes,
“I’ve been praying for this effort for a while now, and I remembered my passion to pray and not to give up in prayer as a child.  I recall praying for a man that had a motorcycle accident for over a year as he recuperated in the hospital.  It was later that I actually got to work with him and first hand and witnessed that my prayers were answered.  He had been healed and was fully functioning.
Children are not only a tremendous asset in the kingdom of God just because of who they are, but are themselves somewhat responsible to carry their load within God’s kingdom. There is something significant about the faith of a child that influences the heart of our Father.”
There is no better lesson children can learn than seeing the power of their own prayer!
Billy Graham once said, “God gave us children so we could prepare them to become adults.”
We live in desperate times.  Tomorrow is the children’s.  If we dare to encourage them to pray today, it can change their own tomorrow.
Pray together with the children in your church and home. Teach and encourage them to:

  • Pray for our leaders and the responsibilities they carry.
  • Pray for Canada to turn to God.
  • Pray for their friends, teachers, and classmates that they will come to know how much God loves them, and the plans he has for their lives.
  • Pray for opportunities to shine their light to all they know.
  • Pray the same at mealtimes and bedtime.

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