The Power of a Simple Invitation

It’s simple. Jesus gave Matthew an invitation. Two words: Follow Me. Matthew’s life was changed.
It’s simple. Matthew gave his friends an invitation. Their lives were changed.
It’s simple. My Hope Canada is giving you an invitation. Here are three ways to begin seeing change in your family, your neighborhood, your community.
1. LOOK AROUND – Make a list of the people you know that are not in a relationship with Jesus. Start praying for them. Begin strengthening your relationship with them.
2. GET INVOLVED – Invite your church to get involved with My Hope Canada and help them host a Matthew Sunday.
3. GET TRAINED – Have you been through My Hope Canada training? You can receive value tools for reaching the people around you with the Gospel – not just with My Hope Canada, but anywhere, anytime you have the chance. Invite your friends and church to do the same.
There are many stories of people just like you and me that now have a relationship with Jesus Christ because someone gave them a simple invitation to church, to a camp or other event, or to an evangelistic meeting, perhaps with Billy Graham or Franklin Graham. God can take our simple invitation and fill it with His power to change that life. Let’s get started!