The Thrill of the Gospel

Your Matthew List:

  1. Your uncle who is agnostic and gets annoyed whenever you bring up the Gospel or the name of Jesus.
  2. Your friend from school who used to party with you and doesn’t understand that you’ve changed.
  3. A new colleague at work who just seems down all the time.
  4. Your father.

The list continues…
Does this list remind you of the sadness you feel when you look at your own list? Have you ever shared the Gospel before? Are you worried about what you’ll say? Maybe a little panicked about how they might respond?
As a new Christian, Lee Strobel was extremely nervous and caught off-guard when his boss came up to him after a hectic day at the office and asked, “Strobel, how did you get through the day without blowing your top? What’s this Christianity thing to you?”  He considered passing on the opportunity and going about his day. But instead, he bravely went into his boss’s office to tell him about the hope he has. Here is what he felt afterwards:
I’m not sure how God used that conversation in my boss’s life, but I do know this: he undeniably used it in mine. When I emerged from that office, I was thoroughly invigorated. It felt like the air was carbonated! There are no words to adequately describe the thrill I felt in having been used by God to communicate his message of hope to someone far from him. It was as if my entire life up to that point had been a movie shot in very grainy black-and-white 16 mm film with scratchy sound – but those forty-five minutes were in vivid Technicolor with rich Dolby stereo…
At that moment I knew I could never go back to my humdrum Christian experience, drifting aimlessly through my spiritual life on a tranquil sailboat atop waters unperturbed by wind and waves. For the first time, I understood that these unscripted adventures on the high seas of personal evangelism are what give excitement, fulfillment, and ultimate purpose to a life of faith. After all, what’s more important than being a messenger for the Creator of the universe to someone whose eternity is hanging in the balance?*
You are a messenger for the Creator of the universe.
God is preparing you to share the Gospel just as He is preparing those on your list to hear it.
My Hope Canada culminates in just eight weeks. Are you ready for an “adventure on the high seas of personal evangelism”? Are you ready for God to use you to “communicate His message of hope to someone far from Him”?
Are you counting down the days to the most thrilling moment of your life?
*Lee Strobel is an atheist-turned-Christian, and has written several books on evangelism. The above excerpt is from The Unexpected Adventure: Taking everyday risks to talk with people about Jesus, by Lee Strobel and Mark Mittleberg.