Then and Now: It's Getting Personal

I love this timeline (, which is a chill bump worthy encapsulation of every single country that has hosted My Hope with Billy Graham since 2002.
In some ways, the timeline reminds me of the Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, my favorite show as a child in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, which circles through each decade in an American home and portrays the impact of technology in the same family’s living room throughout the decades. Even for a child, it is fascinating to see the changes over time that improve and ultimately change life.
If there was a similar carousel for My Hope with Billy Graham, I envision it being narrated by a 10-year-old child from El Salvador whose family was radically changed by attending a My Hope broadcast in a home in 2002. She would then walk through each country featuring a child of the same age whose family was also filled with hope, beginning with Paraguay in 2003 and leading up to Zambia in 2011. At the end of a decade’s worth of nationwide relationship evangelism, that 10-year-old narrator would be a 20-year-old young adult, having seen God work miracles in the lives of millions in 57 countries, and would currently be reaching out to SHARE the same HOPE with a NORTH AMERICAN 10-year-old.
That’s right! My Hope with Billy Graham is no longer happening somewhere else. It’s personal, and it’s starting NOW.  We no longer have a view from the spectator bench where we’ve prayed for other countries as they carry out the My Hope project. It’s time to put our prayers into action and become active participants in reaching our OWN nation’s individual “10-year-olds”. They also have the potential of becoming thriving, spiritually mature, actively evangelizing, born-again Christians. They each represent North American families in need. They each are part of whole Canadian and American communities that can be changed with one simple FREE improvement … the HOPE of Jesus Christ!