"We Need More Films Like This"

How good is the My Hope with Billy Graham video Heaven? Just ask Betty Ferguson.
“I’ve seen it three times and haven’t got tired of it,” said the resident of Westbourne Place, a seniors home in Calgary. Betty and her husband Bill joined about 20 other Westbourne residents in a special presentation of Heaven.
“We need more films like this shown here,” said Betty.
Heaven is the latest video created for My Hope with Billy Graham and features compelling real-life testimonies, plus new and classic preaching from Mr. Graham about being prepared for what comes when this life ends.
Westbourne Place is connected to and (and affiliated with) Westbourne Baptist Church and Bill Finch, the church’s lead pastor, promised to get a DVD copy of Heaven to every resident who wanted to invite non-Christian residents to watch the program in their apartments.
“For those in this building who don’t know Christ, may we be salt and light to them,” Pastor Bill said.
This was music to the ears of Lynn Hallam, an administrative assistant at Westbourne Place who was among the crowd watching the special presentation.
“People can put themselves in the place of those (featured in the real-life testimonies) on the screen,” she noted. “I can empathize with the woman whose dad was murdered because I lost both my parents.”
It’s the real-life testimonies in Heaven that also appealed to resident Margaret Fehr.
“The Gospel is not just thrown in the viewer’s face,” she noted. “People can think about it.”
The video “brings life down to basic experiences,” said Betty Ferguson’s husband Bill, a retired pastor who’s lived at Westbourne Place with Betty since 1990.
“Sometimes we can talk theologically (about our faith in Christ) rather than in a practical way. The people interviewed in Heaven experienced traumatic things and those things helped them come to faith.”
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