Why should you open your home for My Hope Canada?

My Hope has been used across the globe in a variety of venues—churches, outdoors in courtyards, and even in coffee shops—but we have found that a personal testimony is shared most effectively right inside a living room.
Our homes are where we are most real. When you invite someone into that place, they too feel more at ease and open to hearing you and responding. Connections made with others in a home setting are a bit more honest, more free and genuine.
Even resistant people seem more receptive to talking about and accepting Jesus in the intimacy of a home setting. During My Hope in Dominican Republic, a woman invited neighbors to her home to watch the My Hope program. One of the neighbors had been very resistant to the Gospel message so she did not invite her on this particular occasion. When the resistant neighbor learned of the fellow neighbors getting together, she showed up to watch the DVD uninvited!  That happened to be the night she heard a personal testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and she gave her life to Him.
Your home is not the only setting where you can share your hope in a living savior, but it has proven very effective—and it’s biblical too.
God has the power to do exciting and even unexpected things in YOUR living room through My Hope with Billy Graham. It is not too late to open your home and invite unbelievers to watch a My Hope Canada program. For more information on how you can still do this in November, click here.