Zambia Filling Up Churches in My Hope Aftermath

Gas stations are normally known as a place to fill up tanks. But when the Holy Spirit shows up in the middle of Zambia, they can also be a place to fill up hearts.

As Clive looked down at his gas gauge, he noticed his vehicle was nearly running on fumes.
So the My Hope Zambia district coordinator spotted a filling station in the Lusaka area and quickly pulled over.
The station attendant, who started pumping Clive’s gas, realized Clive was working for the My Hope Zambia project and quickly chatted him up.
Turns out the attendant had watched one of the programs on TV and found it very interesting.
A conversation developed and before Clive left the gas station, the attendant had given his life to Christ.
It’s just one among thousands of stories of how Zambians are coming to Christ through December’s My Hope World Evangelism Through Television effort.
To date, with 22 percent of the Zambia churches reporting, more than 36,000 people have made commitments to receive Christ in their lives. A total of 5,424 churches and 61,651 Matthews were trained to host My Hope with the program airing Dec. 1, 2 and 3.

Expanding the Kingdom

Many churches in Zambia are seeing unprecedented growth through My Hope:

  • In the small Eastern Province town of Katete, Pastor Andrew’s church of about 100 people saw 380 attend different My Hope showings using the DVD. They have seen the congregation triple to 300.
  • In the Central Province town of Mkushi, Pastor Martine saw a great harvest in his church, as many of his 40 members used the radio to host My Hope since TV was not available. The congregation witnessed 87 people making decisions for Christ.
  • Also in Mkushi, Pastor Chibesa saw his church attendance increase from 15-18 a week to 70-80 after My Hope brought in so many new believers.
  • In the Copperbelt region, Rev. Sonkwe’s church of 100 members trained 15 Matthews and saw the congregation grow by 20 souls. The children’s program has expanded to meet on Saturdays, and has grown from 45 to 60.
  • One Matthew who had seen his relationship with the Lord falling away, was rejuvenated after receiving the My Hope materials and reading through them. His church in the central district of Serenje participated in My Hope and saw the congregation double from 20 to 40. After a second showing using the DVD, the church grew to 50 and now has 60 people attending.
  • On Dec. 3, My Hope was shown to about 200 inmates at a prison in the Northern Province city of Mpika. A local pastor was the Matthew to these prisoners, sharing his testimony, and 51 of the prisoners accepted Christ. The pastor distributed materials, explaining more in-depth about what a relationship with the Lord looks like.
  • Using the My Hope principles, one Matthew from Nero Christian Church in Mpika discipled a boy who couldn’t read but who had invited the Matthew over to break bread with his family. During dinner, the Matthew began to share about Jesus and the family expressed they hadn’t heard much about Christ. The Matthew returned frequently to share Jesus in this Village and seven people so far have made decisions to accept Christ.
  • In the Northern Province city of Kasama, a Matthew named Jonah, who had been afraid to evangelize, was carrying around the My Hope DVD when an elder from his church saw it and asked him to show it to the congregation. Jonah did and then asked if anyone wanted to give their lives to Christ. Two people raised their hands. “I was so surprised,” Jonah said. “I had joy for two days. I talked about what God had done everywhere.”